the middle space


i am in disbelief that it is already july and that my last note to you was back in april. a lot has happened in my world since. i received my final real estate license for the state of Virginia allowing me to practice real estate in DC, MD, and VA, my first Reiki Level 1 attunement, and finally, after years of longing began tennis lessons! we all have the capacity to change the rhythm and content of our lives, but only we can make the choice. it brings me tremendous joy to learn more about who i am through these different mediums.

a resounding theme in my life lately and part of why i have been absent in writing to you has been learning how to occupy the middle space when certainty seems far out of reach. while i am a very open person, i am also one who craves certainty. i recognize gray areas exist, but i would prefer for things to be either black or white. in witnessing the experiences i have had the last few months, i am filled with gratitude and pride that i can hold certainty and uncertainty together allowing them to guide me to my next destination with faith. i am able to both experience and witness, simultaneously, my pain and suffering as well as the pain and suffering of those i love without feeling the need "to do" and instead stand in love and acceptance.

the healing work, the one that is unique to each of us is ours to heal. there is no one that can take away our pain and suffering, and quite frankly, we should not require this of others. additionally, doing the work for others robs them of their souls unique assignment. this is a very difficult lesson to learn, especially for me!

i remember reading jean paul sartre while majoring in existentialism at Simmons. a huge theme for him was “taking a leap of faith…” even back then, i knew this was the way, but as you know, the cloak of fear can appear so much warmer than it actually is. we create our own blockers and sometimes it is helpful to remember that there is freedom in not knowing the answers. 

i miss you all madly. some of you i have been fortunate to see around the city, some for coffee and treats, i hope you are all doing well and enjoying the warmth this city has to offer.

ethiopia is 3 months away! we have 2 slots left and are in the midst of booking our flights! join us, send me a note and let's talk more!

let me know how i can be of service to you on your healing journey, either through reiki, yoga, or a friendly activity through the capital crescent trail, my new favorite!

love & light to you all-ways.

big love,



Nya Alemayhu

Nya Alemayhu is an author, entrepreneur, wellness coach, and yoga teacher based in Washington, DC. Nya began her physical asana practice in 2004 while attending university. She received her first teaching certificate in 2013 and has been sharing the gift of yoga ever since.