i cannot recommend Nya highly enough. i am myself a personal trainer and the owner of a boutique fitness company. not only do i send all of my clients to Nya for yoga instruction (and have invited her to teach my classes), i practice with her myself. her depth of knowledge is unparalleled; her warmth and calm radiate into her teaching; and her adjustments are thoughtful and instructive. she pulls her experience from a variety of different yoga styles and teachings and tailors each practice to the needs of her students. both professionally and personally, i have nothing but praise for this unique and talented yogi.
— randi, owner, java fitness
private lessons with Nya are a fantastic way for a novice to get started with yoga. this is especially the case for those of us in the “middle age” phase of life. she provides careful and precise guidance on each step in the process, and she tailors the lesson to a pace that is challenging but not overwhelming. i’ve made a lot of progress, thanks to her guidance, and i feel the greater agility, strength and balance in my daily physical activities. the practice has also helped me to focus better when doing other things in my daily life. i highly recommend her classes.
— david r.

yoga has been a part of my life, off and on, for almost 30 years. most recently, i had the great fortune to practice with Nya as she led a series of sunday community yoga classes at our DC based store.  what a breath of fresh air…i want her to be part of all my sundays! her teaching is not formulaic - it comes from her true, deep knowledge and personal practice of yoga. she is graceful and calm and all the cares of the world seem to melt away during time spent in her presence.  thank you Nya!  you are a treasure.
— ferrall, owner, core72
having practiced yoga for many years, but never having done private yoga
lessons before, i discovered doing private sessions with Nya to be
incredibly valuable. unlike a studio setting where one gets the
occasional direct guidance from the instructor, during the private
sessions with Nya, she provides continuous guidance in getting positions
correct. in doing so, Nya captures the perfect balance of being gentle
with the body and pushing ones limits. she is a wonderful instructor and
i always look forward to my sessions with her!
— adrian c.
i have been seeing Nya for private yoga instruction for three years and she is unequivocally the best yoga instructor i have ever had. she intuitively senses what i need on a particular day and tailors her instruction accordingly. her gentle, hands-on adjustments have helped me immensely in my practice. and, quite frankly, she is a joy to be around. yoga is Nya’s life calling and i am lucky to have her as part of my week.
— elana p.
i’ve practiced yoga with Nya for over three years. and in this time, my body has become stronger and my understanding and commitment to the practice has deepened. Nya is not just a yoga instructor, but a life guide who uses yoga as a medium to transform our bodies and minds through a combination of gentle and rigorous flows.
— marissa s.
my experience with Nya transcends words. my work with Nya began a couple of years ago, as i moved beyond the occasional yoga class to the beginning of a true practice. then after experiencing a personal trauma, Nya brought restorative yoga to my practice and everything changed. Nya’s ability to listen and prescribe, through yoga, has been key in my personal journey. initially through introduction, then through restorative, and now deepening my practice. i’m stronger (and taller!) through the physical practice and the spiritual practice has been truly transformative. i always look forward to my sessions with Nya as they continually challenge me physically and spiritually. she is wise beyond her years and incredibly giving of herself through the practice. i am so grateful for Nya! 
— kelley r.