i began my yoga practice by accident while attending university in boston in 2004. i grew up as a competitive athlete, cheerleader, dancer, and gymnast. just as i was missing the feeling of challenging, controlling, and moving my body, i heard yoga classes were being offered on campus. i decided i would give it a shot. at first, it was merely learning the postures, or asanas, as they are referred to in sanskrit. i wanted to fully understand the alignment and anatomy of each posture from the inside out in order to experience it in my body. over time, as my practice seeped into my life outside of the studio, i noticed a change in my attitude, habits, and thoughts toward the world. i realized that yoga is much more than physical exercise, and to my surprise, one that had no room for competition. 

over summer break, i shifted my practice to back bay yoga and began a forrest yoga practice. forrest yoga is renowned as an intensely physical and internally focused practice with an emphasis on carrying that transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. the ritual of setting an intention at the start of class, and then mindfully working through that intention, was incredibly healing. i was sold.

in february of 2011, after seven years of practice, i moved to Washington, DC. while exploring my new surroundings, i discovered the studio dc yoga centeri became a regular and the desire to delve deeper quickly consumed my mind. i took a leap of faith and signed on for a 200-hour, five month-long teacher training program. there have been many trainings since and my practice as well as my teaching continue to evolve. i am still learning what it means to carry ancient yoga traditions into a 21st century american practice in a way that is applicable and digestible for everyday life.

i never intended to become a yoga teacher, my training was initially selfish and only meant to deepen my practice. but with practice, i have found what i had been seeking: yoga as a template for leading a conscious, connected, and mindful life. it was as if the decision to share this with others was made for me. my teaching approach is made-to-measure for each individual i work with, always bearing in mind that this practice is not one size fits all.

while i began my odyssey through forrest yoga, i have since practiced anusaraashtanga, bikram, hatha, iyengar, restorative, vinyasa, and yin yoga. my current home is the mysore practice of ashtanga. it is my intention to teach in a way that allows students to be deeply present and mindful of how one's practice in life manifests itself on the mat, and vice versa. each practice is meditative and facilitates a way for opening not only in the body, in the mind, but more important — opening in the heart. 

i believe each of us is on a quest to return to wholeness. i am grateful for the opportunity to assist along that journey. i am inspired by all of my teachers on and off the mat and continue to learn how to better serve humanity as a whole.