noun: lodestar; plural noun: lodestars
{ a person or thing that serves as an inspiration or guide }

one of my daily activities lately has been reflecting on who i am and what my "value add" is to the world. what gives me purpose? what enables me to serve humanity in a way that is fulfilling for me and that is healing for the world? while sharing a coffee with a new friend one day, she wrote in a book that i was buying from her, that i was a "lodestar." i hadn't ever come across the word before, so i quickly typed it into my google search box to find that a lodestar is "one who serves as an inspiration or guide." wow. that is exactly who i am in the lives of others. it warmed my heart to be affirmed by the universe.

i had the great fortune last month of participating in a health & wellness panel organized by my dear friend, monique ross. monique and i met while i was building the yoga program at union market a few years ago, we have been helping each other grow ever since. her vision was to create an afternoon of fellowship for women featuring personal stories shared by kyla thompsonmilan jordan, and myself. these stories were about our personal struggles, what its like to build a business, and what our blackness means to us in every day life. it moved me beyond words and showed me how much work we have yet to do in illuminating and embracing the black womans experience in america.

as some of you know, i founded mindful movement yoga school a few years ago. mindful movement is a yoga alliance registered school influencing the next wave of teachers, one trainee at a time. mindful movement was born out of a desire to fill the gaps in teacher trainings offered and also to co-create with the trainee and other faculty how one would like to experience their teaching. it takes at least one year for someone to complete our yoga teacher training, its quite unique and a program that i am very proud to be a part of. i am happy to announce  carol richardson has joined the faculty. carol is a mystic healer and intuitive coach who is on a mission to empowering you to access your own best inner guidance. she adds so much value to the teacher training, i am thrilled to have her! we are now accepting one student for training beginning in the fall, send me a note to learn more!

the fellowship last month has inspired me to start a bi-weekly practice for women in my home studio called #fellowshipflow - this practice will be limited to 10 women, coffee and dialogue to follow. you can sign up for the the may practice here.

we have 2 spots open now for the women's yoga retreat to ethiopia - it is just a mere 6 months away! send me a note, if you would like to read our plans and decide to join us!

i hope you are doing well and that this note finds you in great spirits. the weather is finally warming up, trees blooming, i know you are blooming, too. sending you love and grace in abundance!

big love,




Nya Alemayhu

Nya Alemayhu is an author, entrepreneur, wellness coach, and yoga teacher based in Washington, DC. Nya began her physical asana practice in 2004 while attending university. She received her first teaching certificate in 2013 and has been sharing the gift of yoga ever since.