begin again


i love it when the calendar starts over with the number 1 — something about a fresh start really brightens my world. 365 new chances to begin again and continue to work toward what it means to live your best life!

this year, i dare to try new activities, adventures, destinations, and new ways of seeing. i vow to leave the people, places, and things that make me uncomfortable, that kill my vibe, and dim my light. i will continue in my healing, in my quest to find and trust in God, and leap into whatever is next!

i hope that you, too, dare to not be afraid!

below is an affirmation i shared with those who attended the 4th annual new year’s eve intention setting and asana practice. write your name in the blank space, feel free to print and place on your fridge or anywhere that is visible to you on a daily basis.


i ________________ am grateful for all that i am and all that i have.

i receive all blessings and abundance that come my way.

i remove all blockages hindering my emotional growth, financial growth, and spiritual growth.

so. shall. it. be.

happy new year!


sending you courage in abundance…


big love,





Nya Alemayhu

Nya Alemayhu is an author, entrepreneur, wellness coach, and yoga teacher based in Washington, DC. Nya began her physical asana practice in 2004 while attending university. She received her first teaching certificate in 2013 and has been sharing the gift of yoga ever since.