resigning to faith

photo credit:  james jackson

photo credit: james jackson

this past sunday, as i was leaving a coffee shop walking past the bishops garden, i felt a certain resignation in my soul. a resignation to faith. to believing and trusting that no matter where my life is going, it is going exactly where it is supposed to. and all the fears that come up like weeds in the garden of my life, are just little indicators that need patience and reassurance that all is going to be well. 

i spent the whole month of april moving from an apartment i occupied for four years on U street to a small, light filled, tree house across from the washington national cathedral. leading up to the move, i had so much anxiety about the act of letting go of one space for another. i was not sure if i would like it, if i was making a mistake, if it ended up not being right for whatever reason… i tried many ways to talk myself out of leaving U street despite that i had felt creatively stifled for months. something inside of me must have known what was right because on april 1, i camped out on the floor of my new place just so i could start the month off right. i used the remaining 29 days to move my things in slowly and to give myself ample time to transition. it was as if i was holding my own hand through the process. it was the most mindful, low stress move i have ever experienced.

i think we are all in a way resigning to faith. to a belief that the world is actually a good, safe, and whole place. and despite all the fractures of society, we are all moving toward healing. we heal one, we heal all.

on the yoga front: i have taken over thursday night slow flow at georgetown yoga. if you enjoy the tuesday night class and want a double dose, or if thursday just works better for your schedule, you can practice with me at 7:45pm.

satsang this month is on may 21 from 10:30-12. we will focus on spinal mobility and work to liberate the spine through twists. reserve your spot here. coffee, discourse, and pastries to follow.

sometimes all we need to do is move out of the way and allow everything else to shift around us. 

big love,



Nya Alemayhu

Nya Alemayhu is an author, entrepreneur, wellness coach, and yoga teacher based in Washington, DC. Nya began her physical asana practice in 2004 while attending university. She received her first teaching certificate in 2013 and has been sharing the gift of yoga ever since.