the study of yoga began as a dialogue between teacher and student sharing an individualized yoga experience. beginning your yoga journey with private instruction is a great way to ease into a regular practice and familiarize yourself with names of poses and how your body assumes them. private instruction allow for teacher and student to build a working relationship and co-create a practice that addresses individual goals (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual). 

along with variations of classical hatha yoga, private instruction is also available in restorative yoga. restorative yoga is a quieting, meditative practice that uses props to support the body inviting the release of deeply held tension. restorative yoga is suitable for everyone including beginners and those who maybe working with injuries/limitations.  

each private session begins with a centering meditation, a warm-up incorporating various movements of the spine, and a sequence that is in alignment with individual goals and needs.

private instruction time slots are generally 60 minutes, however, instruction can also be scheduled for 75 and 90 minutes. contact for pricing.